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Are Military Widows Getting Their Full Benefits
Are Military Widows Getting Their Full Benefits

AIR DATE: June 14, 2012

Janet Snyder's husband was a Vietnam War veteran.  He paid into the military's survivor benefit plan for 30 years.  When he died of Agent Orange-related causes in 2010, they expected that Janet would get that money.  But Janet says not all the money is coming her way, and that deduction is causing hardship for some widows in this recession.  We talk to two widows and a VA representative on the details, plus why Janet would have gotten the full amount if she remarried.

Janet Snyder, veteran widow
Nancy Paternico, veteran widow
Joseph Odya, National Service Officer, AMVETS

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I, too, am a Military widow of a Bronze Star decorated Viet Nam vet who was 100% disabled from Agent Orange and a.d. whole slew other medically related illnesses. He died 1 mo. Before his 64th BD in 2010 and I was 55 y.o.. I am also 100% disabled $ receive $1400 in SS bene. I rec. a total of $1556. from my husband.'s death benefits so my monthly income is around $2900. My mortgage is $1400 and a maintenance fee of $360. Since I live alone, I also have a security system & utility bills, car insurance, homeowner INS.& cable TV (no other reception.available and we may not install satellite dishes You add it up and see if you could make these payments on govt income...And don't forget food and clothes.
Janet BamfordJun 15, 2012 01:01:52 AM
>when you listen to these women, you think to yourself, "that one is not gonna remarry, whatever the "benefits" may be." In this economy, I was thinking that I'd propose to one of them to split the benefits. Whoa!
John Paul JonesJun 14, 2012 15:08:46 PM
to shelly: but what if this were your $90,000, that YOU had paid in ? When you buy an insurance policy, you expect it to pay the benefits promised. The government had the use of that money for 30 years. I assume you are not a military widow! Do you or your spouse own a life insurance policy ? Do you expect to receive a certain amount of cash if anything happens to your mate ? Just asking.....
sonnie nolanJun 14, 2012 14:20:06 PM
This is not millions of dollars. They only paid 90000 into these benefits. At 2500 per month thats three years of benefits! Even for career military I dont think this was intended to fully support the survivor for life. Care should be taken that everyone is educated about options at the time they are planning for retirement .
shelly hustonJun 14, 2012 13:12:26 PM
You know, when you listen to these women, you think to yourself, "that one is not gonna remarry, whatever the "benefits" may be."
AlfredJun 14, 2012 07:44:21 AM
Why should we be required to remarry, in order to receive insurance benefits that our spouses paid for ? It is insulting and sexist.
Janet SnyderJun 15, 2012 05:13:23 AM
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