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DREAM Act Activists React to Obama Decision on Deportation
DREAM Act Activists React to Obama Decision on Deportation

AIR DATE: June 21, 2012

The Obama administration made a bold move on Friday when it announced it would stop deporting some undocumented immigrants. In an executive order President Obama said young undocumented people who have no criminal background, came to the U.S. before they were 16 and who are in school can apply for work permits and be spared deportation for up to two years. In Nevada several DREAM Act supporters have rallied in support of the bill which would provide a path to citizenship for immigrants who came to the country as children and who serve in the military. We talk with undocumented students and a political expert about the ramifications of the Obama decision.

David Damore, political science professor, UNLV
Blanca Gamez, DREAM Act supporter
Hector Torres, DREAM Act supporter

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Rudy and others don't you understand the word "illegal"? How can you compare a mv violation with sneaking in to the USA/ So, it takes 20 yrs. If her parents made the effort for citizenship, she'd be that much closer to being a citizen. We give those illegals everything. What about immigrants from other countries???? At this rate of illegals sneaking in, we'll be the US of Mexico in no time. Remember we won the war vs, Mexico. As for our taking land from the Indians, there were no laws broken because we had none. We should not compare them to now. They were compensated for land and still are receiving govt benefits. If these undocumented illegals got in line like everyone else, I would welcome them with open arms. But they're criminals sneaking in to our country Why don't they at least learn English if they plan on staying???? Where is the respect for America. Hector referred to Mexico as My Country. Well Hector, go back to your country then.
LindaJun 18, 2012 21:09:12 PM
@ Rudy, fair enough on the update of the immigration laws and the amount of time it can take 2 become a legal citizen, but that is also why I was asking what steps she has taken IF any. That's a very important question because she was the 1 speaking out about obeying the law, does she ever intend to work here? If so then how can she do that here legally w/o being a citizen, w/o having 2 get pd under the table @ a lower pay bringing wages down 4 others? I also wonder how she is being supported if she is not working. Are her parents working here illegally? There are a lot of questions unanswered. I am Hispanic and I have no problem with folks from all walks of life enjoying our lovely country, but we should all respect the laws and abide by them. I understand she may have insurance, Kudos to her. If everyone was on the up and up and obeyed the law we would all be much better off. If she is taking the steps to become a legal citizen the I am proud and happy for her, but I do believe that anyone here illegally is breaking the law and it is not right. It has been great debating this subject, have a great day.
RachelJun 18, 2012 13:48:37 PM
I know scores of people from eastern Europe, Russia, various African and Asian countries, and, yes, even Latin America, who have all followed the rules and become legal citizens; they all speak English, and know something about American history and our Constitution. Now, why is it that the current (mostly Mexican and South American) illegals haven't bothered to follow the rules, and expend the time and energy it takes to become proper citizens? To simply say that someone from Africa has to jump through the hoops, but that someone from Mexico does not, is ridiculous and even immoral.
Tim HuntJun 18, 2012 13:40:41 PM
For decades there have been laws on the books that spell out the procedure to become a citizen, and anyone can do it. So, evidently, illegals have *chosen* not to become citizens. That says a lot about their mindset and respect for the U.S.
Max F.Jun 18, 2012 10:31:21 AM
i agree the books have been published and it informs people on how to go about adjusting their status but its not as EASY as the book makes it sound. i know people who have been in the "Procedure" for over 20 years. So its not a choice they make, trust me because no one would want to be in that situation. so do a little reading yourself and educate on the procedure that you want people to follow
Rudy Jun 18, 2012 12:51:30 PM
I listened to Ms. Gomez, who is trying to become a citizen tell us that she drives ILLEGALLY, etc. My grandparents came here from Poland after waiting for a permit to leave.Upon arrival at Ellis Island (legally) they went thru the immigration process i.e. someone had to vouch for them that they would not be a burden on this country; they went to night school and learned English right away. I'm bothered by illegals who we support with our schools, welfare, food stamps, etc. Other nationatlities have assimilated obeying our laws and learning our language. How would I be in Mexico w/out speaking Spanish. Another area that bothers me is why do non-citizens get the right to vote?? If a citizen needs a ballot in another language, they don't deserve the right to vote. Obama needs those votes and doesn't care about our future of America so he promises them everything. Why don't they learn English . They broke our law coming here illegally and should not receive any benefits. They should be deported. I hope Gomez gets a summons and learns to obey our laws.I don't want these illegals driving without license and ins. We need ins., etc., why don't they???
LindaJun 18, 2012 20:53:34 PM
As a senior I recall just one generation ago that except for the Native Americans and perhaps a few others,we were all here because our parents came here from other countries. I don't see why latinos should be treated differently, and the backlash about the fact that their taking the jobs of "real" Americans is only because we refuse to recognize them as such.
Sheila RobinJun 18, 2012 09:39:05 AM
well said Sheila
Brian Jun 18, 2012 09:54:21 AM
I think that Sheila is not seeing the whole picture. When they have jobs without ID that means they are getting paid UNDER the table so they are not paying taxes like we AMERICANS. They also drive down wages because they are willing to work for a lower amount. If they were LEGAL they would work only for a fair price and everyone would be paid better.
RachelJun 18, 2012 10:58:22 AM
I think it's important to say that political change comes from many points of genesis. Perhaps Obama's move on Friday was solely politically motivated, but it was a move. We can discern between political moves and sincere decisions and decide how we feel about those politicians on an individual level. Then we can take our decisions about politicians to the poll booths and express those feelings. However, despite WHY Obama said what he said, it will hopefully, still prompt a major wave of change - not just legislatively but also intellectually and culturally.
Alex HernandezJun 18, 2012 09:35:19 AM
While we all understand that these individuals are here based solely based on the actions of their parents, consider this example. If a parent stole a lot of money, and left it to their children, years later when the crime was uncovered do the children still have the right to that money? Please ask your guest this!!
John GonzalezJun 18, 2012 09:30:55 AM
John Didn't our Ancestors steal this land from the Native Americans? now we called it ours don't we does that make it right ? Pleas think about this!!!!
Rudy Jun 18, 2012 09:50:38 AM
You say that you have respect for the laws of the USA but yet you admit to driving without a drivers's license.Respect means to follow the laws and you are clearly not.In addition,do you even have insurance on your vehicle?You are putting others on the road at risk every time you drive.We have laws for a reason,and they need to be followed.
EstherJun 18, 2012 09:25:18 AM
I agree with Esther, Blanca does NOT respect our laws because she is here illegally. You can call it undocumented but it is still illegal for her to be here. She said it is not easy to get her papers but she has had many years to work on it, what has she done, what steps has she taken. There is more than a license that is different between us. I actually do respect our laws while she breaks them. So does she pay taxes? Who is hiring her without a license?
RachelJun 18, 2012 09:32:30 AM
Esther people can get get insurance and register a car just like everyone else in the state even without a Drivers License. People that get their Drivers License suspended or revoked drive as well and they should not, and you mean to tell me you have never ran a stop light or gone over the speed limit or done anything to where you have not broken the law? lets reflect on what we have done before we start attacking others. Rachel one question for you? what do you know about the immigration system that we currently have? and the same goes for you have you ever gotten a speeding ticket or gone over the speed limit? because let me tell you that is breaking the law, and yes she pays taxes, what makes you think that she doesn't does she have a tax exempt card when she goes to the store? and just a little side note when people work they get taxed the only difference is they don't get the money back later..... and i don't recall her saying she worked so pay attention to her story before you make judgement...
Rudy Jun 18, 2012 09:46:16 AM
@ Rudy, NO I have NEVER received a speeding ticket, Thank you very much! If she is working without a being a citizen then she is getting paid under the table, HELLO, that means she is not getting taxed. I said IF she is working, not that she is so you need to pay attention. Also IF she is working then the company she is working for is also breaking the law, so now she is including others in this. It is sad. No I don't know anything about the immigration laws and how to become a citizen and I never claimed to know anything BUT Blanca said she has been here for, what, 16 years. One would think that if she and her family really wanted to follow the law that they would all be legal now and not UNDOCUMENTED!
RachelJun 18, 2012 11:05:14 AM
@Rachel glad you haven't gotten a ticket, to clear stuff up she is not working so that is the end of that. secondly i recommend that you do a little research on immigration laws because even if they have been here for 16 years they might still be in the same situation as the processing time can be up to 20 years if not more (this is what normal people don't understand, people are not in the situation because they choose not to do anything, but because its a long process)
RudyJun 18, 2012 12:47:29 PM
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