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Zoning Businesses near the Strip
Zoning Businesses near the Strip

AIR DATE: June 22, 2012

No one quite planned it this way but in the neighborhood of Sahara Avenue and Paradise Road there are businesses that run all night, or would like to, but there are residential neighborhoods where people would like to sleep all night. So how can the city council balance those interests? Do neighbors need to find a quieter area or should businesses be happy to accommodate their neighbors. We talk with both sides of this contentious dispute.
Brian Johnson, owner, Dreams Massage

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Welcome to the lawless and head-in-sand world of ideologues and do-gooders! At least Brian Johnson, the owner and the sole obeyer of the law, stands head and shoulders above the police, the inspectors, the Council, and Scott Swank. The latter, like good Pharisees sitting in self-righteous judgment, are perfectly willing to scapegoat Brian, his business and his family, rather than examine their lack of rational thought and fairness. They want him to solve the problems they, their attitudes and their self interests make impossible to solve. However, even Brian wants to wish away the only permanent solution, regulated prostitution, so maybe he deserves to be used by these thugs who feed off the misery they knowingly create for others! This will not end well for Brian, even though the interviewer did a great job of trying to expose the obvious rottenness of the dilema imposed on him. This interview stands as a classic example of the "thought" patterns which are feeding the decline of our once great nation. When will KNPR stop inviting just the pretenders dwelling inside their own whited sepulchers and welcome people capable of thinking outside the box onto SON? Ed Uehling
ed uehlingJun 25, 2012 17:03:38 PM
I agree with the business owner, he has been there for years and has all paperwork in order, the city needs to move on and quit harassing this legimate biz owner. it seems that the city was digging and digging and when they didnt find anything they felt as if they lost and i believe its turned into a personel grudge against this guy. if this is what my tax dollars are paying for then im upset because the city needs to move on to the bad businesses
carson jonesJun 20, 2012 20:24:03 PM
Zoning is all about taking property rights away from the owner of a property, which is unconstitutional. Further, since zoning is enforced by government, the entire zoning problem necessarily becomes politicized, i.e. abuses, favoritism, etc. will abound - and in Las Vegas we've all seen ample proof of this. That said, in apartments I've had noisy neighbors that came and went all night long, and incessant 24-7 barking dogs where I live now, and the government does, nor cares to do, nothing. Bottom line, government is not, and should not be, the solution to everything. Life is life, and it is not always pleasant for everyone.
Tim HuntJun 20, 2012 08:48:00 AM
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