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North Las Vegas Faces Fiscal Crisis
North Las Vegas Faces Fiscal Crisis

AIR DATE: June 22, 2012

North Las Vegas has been struggling to pay its bills for many months now. Yesterday the city struck a deal with the City of Las Vegas to get cheaper jail accommodations and close its own jail. The library is cutting hours and the police unions have headed to court. So what is being done to keep North Las Vegas afloat.
Timothy Hacker, City Manager, North Las Vegas

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Of course, a good start to balancing their budget would be for them to start paying true market rates for employees, goods and services, rather than the ridiculous, hyper-inflated "prevailing" rates and crony prices that are 10x what a sensible person would pay.
Herb W.Jun 21, 2012 21:04:51 PM
NLV faces a fiscal crisis only because its politicians and bureaucrats can't stop spending. Those in charge are totally out of touch with reality, for I assure you that any normal person with common sense could easily cut NLV's supposedly rock-bottom, bare-bones budget by 50% and still manage to do what *needs* to be done. Of course, bureaucrats and politicians cannot (and do not even want to) distinguish between "wants" and "needs", hence the problem.
Tim HuntJun 21, 2012 13:27:02 PM
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