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Privitization of our Public Schools
Privitization of our Public Schools

AIR DATE: July 2, 2012

The Clark County School Board recently approved a contract extension with Edison Learning Inc. That's for-profit education management firm that runs seven Clark County schools.  There's been criticism aimed at the company for mediocre test scores.  But many teachers and parents support it. Should schools hire private companies to run curriculum?

Carolyn Edwards, member, Board of Trustees, CCSD
Emily Richmond, Public Ed, National Education Writers Assoc; and, blogger,

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Why is it that no one is willing to ask if Dwight Jones still maintains a financial interest in Edison? The school board hasn't asked, the media won't ask, why?
Mike LandisJun 27, 2012 10:10:30 AM
In an ideal world where *all* schools (including universities) were privatized, we'd be having none of these arguments about what should be taught, how much it costs, union issues, who should go where and when, etc., for everyone would "vote" with their feet and money. Good schools that people like and gave good value for money would thrive, and lousy schools that people didn't like and gave bad value for money would fail. It's that simple, really. Indeed, it is the socialism and politicization of every aspect of our current system that makes it inherently un-workable by definition.
Tim HuntJun 27, 2012 08:50:15 AM
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