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Metro's Budget Woes
Metro's Budget Woes

AIR DATE: July 9, 2012

The Metropolitan Police Department has been surviving on its reserves in recent years. Now, says Sheriff Doug Gillespie, the City of Las Vegas and Clark County will need to find $68 million more to keep police on the job. But Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak has already told Metro there is no more money. So what will happen? More revenue collected or fewer cops on the streets?
Doug Gillespie, Sheriff, Clark County

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I agree Tim. And Metro has proven itself to be a bit of a welfare-queen in this regard anyhow. Before they ask for more money, they need to trim their budgets... how about some layoffs, pay freezes, letting go of the worst of the offenders who are on paid admin leave or at desk jobs after their roles in misconduct and conduct unbecoming. Yes, I said it, discharge them. They don't deserve to wear the uniform and we are damn tired of funding their lawsuits ($12.5M since 2008), serioulsy?
Theresa PriceJul 13, 2012 16:05:17 PM
From studies I've read about, except for having either no police, or having police on every corner (aka a police state), the base rate of crime stays about the same no matter how many police there are. So, yes, let's cut the number of police. Mostly, they just prey on essentially innocent people anyway. Further, they are so hyper-inefficient using the money they do have that they could, if they had any sense, keep the same number of officers.
Tim HuntJul 5, 2012 08:45:30 AM
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