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Presenting... The Kim Sisters
Presenting... The Kim Sisters

AIR DATE: July 10, 2012

They called themselves "The Kim Sisters" - three lovely ladies from Korea with matching dresses, slick up-dos, and big smiles.  They sang and danced in the spirit of the Andrews Sisters, and America loved it. Ed Sullivan had them on his show 21 times, and they performed at the Stardust and Thunderbird Hotels. One of the surviving sisters, Sook-Ja "Sue" Kim Bonifazio, joins us to talk about showbiz in the 1960s, how they were successful in an era of all-white groups, and how three little Korean girls who used to sing for U.S. troops made it big in America.
Sook-ja "Sue" Kim Bonifazio, The Kim Sisters

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I had the great honor and pleasure of accompaning Sue and her brothers in Korea, as their pianist in '92 and '93. What great people! Sue, if you see this post, I'd love to hear from you.
Corky Bennett (Brumble)Apr 23, 2013 10:00:53 AM
Such a fun interview. Sue, I can almost see you on the Ed Sullivan Show many years ago. The Kim Sisters have such tremendous energy on stage. What Talent in the three of you. I'll be looking for the movie "The Great Kim Sisters." A pleasure. ;-)
Kevin LewisJul 18, 2012 10:30:09 AM
The kim Sisters were the first act I heard when I came to Las Vegas with the Iish Showband 1967 during the Halcyon Lounge era I remember being blown away with the Kim Sisters vivacious and versatile talent singing and playing. They definately set the bar very high for fellow entertainers and I consider my wife Stella and I very privileged to have Sue and her family as our friends today. I was enthralled with her remarkable story of her mother self and family and their survival and success having lost her father at such an early stage. Her mother as well as being a legend was a true Patriarch to her family. The story of the Kim sisters and brothers was an enchanting hour of reality and entertainment. THank you Sue, Brendan Bowyer
Brendan BowyerJul 16, 2012 14:32:56 PM
What a charming and poignant interview. I would love to see a movie about them (as mentioned in the link) Thank You KNPR.
Aunty PalinJul 10, 2012 21:33:57 PM
I don't remember when I have spent a more mesmerising hour of captivation than listening to your excellent interview of Sook-ja "Sue" Kim Bonifazio of the world-famous Kim Sisters. Having seen these girls perform eons ago (as well as the fabulous Kim Brothers), it was fascinating to hear their first-hand account of their lives. Their talent, determination and character were in full view, along with those delightful anecdotes. I am filled with admiration for their family values and I wish we could somehow impart those values to our youth. From the horrors of the Korean War to the stages of Las Vegas and Hollywood, theirs is the true Cinderella story of raw determination and undaunted spirit.
Albert R. GarciaJul 10, 2012 12:37:51 PM
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