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Las Vegas foodies react to California foie gras ban

AIR DATE: July 10, 2012

The foie gras party is over in California. Animal rights activists have succeeded in putting a stop to the controversial practice of over feeding geese and ducks that results in expansion of the liver, that in turn results in a product which certain discriminating diners find irresistibly tasty.

It’s still legal in Nevada for now, however. And some local foodies think the unsavory means through which foie gras is produced is no big deal.

“It’s not as cruel as it sounds,” says Las Vegas food critic Al Mancini, “KFC chickens have far worse lives than foie gras geese.”

Animal rights activist Brian Pease of the Animal Protection and Rescue League thinks the ban is here to stay however, noting that foie gras producers have had years from the time the California legislature deemed the practice inhumane until the ban was enacted.

“The industry had eight years to produce foie gras without force feeding,” says Pease.

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