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Drones Spending and Support on Capitol Hill
Drones Spending and Support on Capitol Hill

AIR DATE: July 12, 2012

Drone use is expanding beyond the military, into police departments, colleges, and border patrols.  Now, drone manufacturers are making major headway on Capitol Hill.  They have their own caucus group - the Unmanned Systems Caucus.  One D.C. analyst called it a "powerful caucus" that is "not talked about."  So what sort of influence are drone manufacturers gaining among lawmakers?  Who are the skeptical detractors?  And what will all this mean for the future of drones?

Jill Replogle, Reporter, KPBS, Fronteras: The Changing America Desk
Tom Barry, Dir, TransBorder Project, Ctr for Intl Policy
Steve Gitlin, VP of marketing strategy and communications, AeroVironment, a drone manufacturer
Michael Toscano, Pres and CEO, Assoc for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

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Drones (and other electronic surveillance) are the (unConstitutional) face of the modern police state. And like all government power - no matter what good they might be capable of in the right hands - they *will* absolutely and always be abused to the maximum possible extent. This is the nature of government and the lesson of history. And, of course, why wouldn't there be a group lobbying for their use - to benefit themselves and harm us. That is simply an example of what always happens when we have large government beholden to lobbyists and voting blocks, rather than the extremely minimal government of limited powers prescribed by our Constitution.
Tom HurstJul 12, 2012 13:32:56 PM
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