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Rene Cantu Jr. Joins CCSD School Board
Rene Cantu Jr. Joins CCSD School Board

AIR DATE: July 24, 2012

The Clark County School Board has picked a new board member to replace John Cole who resigned before moving to Denver.  In a 5-to-1 vote the board picked Rene Cantu Jr., the executive director of the Latin Chamber of Commerce's Community Foundation. Cantu represents District E for the next five months to fill the rest of the term. We talk with Cantu about the challenges CCSD faces with budgets, teacher morale and lack of Hispanic representation on the board.
Rene Cantu Jr., CCSD District E, Exec Dir, Latin Chamber of Commerce's Community Foundation
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    And how about the kids who come into our rooms YEARS below grade level? Merit pay; that's the ticket! CCSD motto: "Dump it on the teachers. Then blame them!"
    justateacherJul 23, 2012 09:35:10 AM
    Yes, Mr. Cantu, let's act more like a private business. Let's get rid of the discipline problems! How are you planning to address that big elephant in the room? By merit pay for teachers?
    justateacherJul 23, 2012 09:33:19 AM
    Nobody ever asks what a reasonable amount of work and stress is for less than 50K per year (while school police are making 100K+). Teaching here is ridiculous. Teachers are treated like garbage. I guess it's not just here, though. Here's something I just stumbled upon - at a website called - while looking for something that had nothing to do with teaching. "If you are a young person still in college, do yourself a favor and Never consider becoming a teacher. It's too stressful and wreaks too much havoc with your health. It is a thankless job. One of the worst stresses is the never ending expectation from parents and society in general to put the needs & desires of other peoples' little Dna replacements before your own health, welfare, and even your own children." TRUTH!
    justateacherJul 23, 2012 09:24:01 AM
    Mr. Cantu wants the teacher's association to negotiate "in good faith." The district is the party that walked away from negotiations and declared an impasse. What is Mr. Cantu going to do to ensure that the district is negotiating "in good faith" with the association? The knife cuts both ways and it seems to me that the district has been a bad actor in regard to its treatment of teachers and its public portrayal of labor relations with district teachers.
    Mike LandisJul 23, 2012 09:14:50 AM
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