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Collectibles and Their True Value
Collectibles and Their True Value

AIR DATE: July 30, 2012

Recently a family in Ohio discovered a collection of rare baseball cards in mint condition, hidden away in the attic. The cards are so rare that experts believe they could fetch up to three million dollars. Do you have collectibles somewhere in a box? Ever wonder what they're worth? Our experts weigh in.
(Photos by Heritage Auctions of Dallas)
Jeremy Brown, Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia
Johnny Jimenez, owner, Toy Shack
KNPR's SON: Old Toys, Old Games


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    Like many others, I love certain collectibles. I enjoy the process of collecting them, and I enjoy owning them. That said, it's my opinion that most people should collect things only because they truly *enjoy* them, for it is my experience that most of the time collections end up being sold for wholesale - not retail - prices, if at all, and thus cost far more to acquire than one will ever get out of them investment-wise.
    Tom HurstJul 25, 2012 14:10:33 PM
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