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Exploring Performance Art
Exploring Performance Art

AIR DATE: August 1, 2012

If a man pees into a cup, then drinks his own pee... is that art?  It certainly was last week at the Biennale 2012, a local performance art exhibition downtown.  We talk with local artists (including a man who painted while wearing a gorilla suit) about how performance art is evolving, and what really counts as art.

Brent Holmes
Matthew Couper
J.K. Russ
Eri King
Scott Dickensheets, Ed, LV CityLife

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    The concept of performance art is based more on the process and the execution rather than the merit or the interpretation of that by the audience.That's where the "art" is. It's not in the viewer's interpretation, but in the process in which it is made. That process is also what can define what is good performance art, and what is terrible performance art.
    Aaron ThompsonJul 30, 2012 10:41:44 AM
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