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Water Conservation on Another Level
Water Conservation on Another Level

AIR DATE: August 14, 2012

Water conservation is a necessity in the southwest. This need has been amplified during the last ten years with booming growth and a devastating drought. Water district representatives claim conservation efforts are working, but one group is challenging those efforts and believes we can do more. The 90 by 20 campaign is asking families to reduce their daily water use to 90 gallons per capita. In Las Vegas that would mean asking residents to reduce their usage by more than twenty-five percent. Is that realistic?
Doug Bennett, Conservation Manager, SNWA
Kami Dempsey, Southern Nevada Coordinator, 90 by 20 Conservation campaign


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    The SNWA board this year approved $10 million for conservation. At his level, they will match what SNWA plans to spend on the Water Grab in 1,600 years. Conservation is the cheapest, easiest way to "find" new water supplies for our community, but it does not profit the contractors, Wall Street or SNWA to reduce water use. Perhaps it is time that SNWA is replaced by a non-profit entity.
    LaunceAug 17, 2012 04:52:09 AM
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