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37 Things to Hate About Vegas

AIR DATE: August 13, 2012

So what happens when an unapologetically judgmental New Yorker visits Las Vegas? The answer: A list of 37 things to hate about Las Vegas. But you also get some fear and trepidation that New York City may be getting a bit like Las Vegas and you get a lot of anger among the denizens of Sin City. Village Voice writer Steven Thrasher joins us to explain his snarky attitude to conventioneering on the Strip.

Steven Thrasher, Village Voice

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    Truly, I'm not at all offended by Mr. Thrasher's article; that said, here are 17 things to hate about New York: 1) It's as hot as Vegas in the summer, but with 99% humidity. 2) No 24-hour Wal-Marts. Hell, they've never even heard of Wal-mart! 3) Want an affordable single-family house? Forget about it! 4) Want a house with a yard? No such thing! 5) Private parking spaces cost $1000+ per month. 6) Crowded, filthy government buses rule the roads. 7) Nearby natural areas? Only if "nearby" means 100 miles away 8) Welfare spending per capita is by far the highest in the nation. 9) The de facto speed limit is about 1 mph. 10) Garbage men and school janitors make $100,000+ per year. 11) What, no legal guns? 12) NYC police carry machine guns at subway stations. 13) Ghetto's beyond imagination with cars on blocks and gangs hanging around burning oil-drums. 14) More people than one could shake a stick at! 15) No Big-Gulps. 16) No-salt restaurant food that tastes like cardboard. 17) And, worst of all, Michael "Nanny State" Bloomberg is the ever-absurd joke of a mayor.
    Tom HurstAug 10, 2012 22:21:01 PM
    I read this piece as an attempt at humor, rather than a legitimate commentary about Las Vegas. At least, I hope that's what it was; the gripes were terribly cliched, and riffed primarily on lazy perceptions of Las Vegas that the past couple years have gone a long way to disproving. And the ones that ring more current were mostly tame and snide rather than hateful and disparaging. My response as someone who has spent a lifetime addressing Vegas criticism? Eh.
    James P. RezaAug 9, 2012 23:23:30 PM
    I call your weak hand Mr. Thrasher and raise you one Smith Center.
    LvjackieAug 9, 2012 19:30:27 PM
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