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John McCain comes to North Las Vegas
John McCain comes to North Las Vegas

AIR DATE: August 15, 2012

Senator John McCain and members of the Senate Arms Services Committee will visit North Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base during a national tour. McCain wants to put the pressure on President Obama to avert the looming automatic 'across the board' cuts in January. What would that mean for bases like Nellis?
Keith Rogers, reporter, LVRJ
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    Sad that Mr. Rogers sounds less like an independent journalist than a booster for McCain's positions. Military contracting is one of the all time worst ways of putting people to work: fewer jobs created for dollar invested, and war preparations shouldn't be viewed as a jobs program anyways! And since we currently spend over $2billion per day on the military, it doesn't seem like any amount, any upper limit will satisfy some people. Crazy!
    Jim HaberAug 13, 2012 09:19:15 AM
    Exactly who is this enemy that we have to spend a trillion dollars a year to defend ourselves again--other than traitorous politicians like McCain and Reid who completely misunderstand the concepts of individual freedom enunciated by the Declaration of Independence and of limited government established by the Constitution?
    ed uehlingAug 13, 2012 09:18:48 AM
    Eisenhower was right when he warned us to beware of the "military industrial complex." At over $2billion war spending per day, military spending makes every other program a drop in the bucket. Meanwhile enormous profits in arms industries make a lie of the patriotism of military contractors and lobbyists. They impoverish us all and by selling 50% of all weapons in the world and producing 35% of them all, make us hated the world over. McCain and the others have got to be kidding!
    Jim HaberAug 13, 2012 09:06:17 AM
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