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Clark County Resolves Title IX Complaint with Flag Football
Clark County Resolves Title IX Complaint with Flag Football

AIR DATE: August 16, 2012

Clark County Schools are spending $225,000 to add girls's flag football to the sports curriculum in order to comply with Title IX requirements.  Next year, girls' lacrosse may be added. Title IX has been in effect for 40 years: we'll look at the costs and benefits to schools, sports and women.

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$225K for flag football??? And it isn't even the sport with the highest interest from students? With all of the whining from CCSD about budget problems, there is absolutely no justification for the continued funding of extracurricular sports at this level. This is a shameful waste of money when CCSD should be focused on improving academics. If girls flag football is so important, let the parents pony up. Same thing for boys football, by the way.
MikeAug 23, 2012 09:41:33 AM
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