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Olympic Pole Dancing
Olympic Pole Dancing

AIR DATE: August 21, 2012

Pole dancers are rallying for their participation in the next Olympics.  Pole dancing, a booming fitness regimen, has produced athletes from twenty-five different countries worldwide.  Pole sport athletes, as they’re formally called, already compete in countrywide and world championships.   The International Pole Sports Federation, founded in 2010, is now lobbying to be a part of the 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.
Fawnia Dietrich, IPSF Elite Athlete and Judge
World Championship 2012

Indian Pole Gymnastics

Chinese Pole Acrobatics

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    I took a couple of pole dancing classes. This class was tougher than anything I have taken including bellydance, ballet, jazz, hip hop or zumba. You either really have to be an athlete to master the moves or you will become one in the process. I was sore, bruised and battered (by the pole) after my experience. That being said, the dance is too inherently sexy (at least the way it is being taught here, not like India and China) to become an Olympic sport. How do I explain "the frog" to my daughter as we watch the Olympics on "prime time?" Or what do I say if my eight year old wants to become a pole sport athlete? They would definitely have to remove those sexy moves, I think.
    JanineAug 16, 2012 11:03:13 AM
    How is what Natalia is doing any different than a gymnastics routine? Gymnasts thrust their chests out, wiggle their hips, roll their heads, etc. The only difference that I see, is that pole dancing involves a pole. People seem to have a real problem separating pole sport dancing from exotic dancing. What I teach in my studio is as different from what Natalia is doing as basketball is from football, they both involve a ball, other than that, they are really different with different ways of getting to the same goal- fitness and being good at something that is life changing. The Sports Federation is focusing on the athleticism; are these women and men gorgeous and fit and amazing? Yes absolutely. Are they twerking on the pole and doing bump and grind, nope. I have no problem with my kids watching ANY pole performance. What is so bad about being sexy anyway?
    NicholeAug 18, 2012 15:09:11 PM
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