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Clark County Teachers and Their Biggest Concerns
Clark County Teachers and Their Biggest Concerns

AIR DATE: August 22, 2012

The 2012-2013 school year is about to start. Teachers are getting their classrooms ready. But what are they feeling about all that's happened? How do they feel about the pink slips that went out in June? What's their morale like? We hear from a panel of teachers about their biggest concerns for the new school year.
Mary Louise Gucik, Faiss Middle School
Dikka Rian, Hickey Elementary
Heather Alfred, formerly with Detwiler Elementary

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    I was frustrated by the interviews on this. The truth is that our CCSD superintendent and the state superintendent are not educators. They are bean counter and they both are politically motivated. They have lost touch, if they ever were in touch with educational reality in the classroom. they want to pay us and turn us in to McDonald workers. They keep inferring that older teachers are bad and younger teachers are good. I know many younger teachers who are terrible, they are just cheaper.
    Educator of 25 yearsAug 21, 2012 20:54:16 PM
    I'm with you, but you can see the mixed feelings here. To see someone supporting something as ludicrous (and no doubt expensive) as the Star System, the misinformation about West, etc., just makes me want to vomit. And quit.
    justateacherAug 24, 2012 06:32:37 AM
    As a recently retired teacher from the district I am shocked to hear that some of your panelists think the district's Star System is irrelevant. The district has made an honest attempt to evaluate schools and has delineated in detail the evaluation criteria. It seems irresponsible to me for teachers to ignore this. We want to give each of our kids in the district a 5 star education and to ignore the system is to hurt our kids. I would recommend that SON do a program on West Prep which was considered the worst school in the district a few years ago and whose high school is now ranked as a 5 star school. How was that done?
    steven leibowitzAug 20, 2012 10:35:11 AM
    Yes, please do a story on West. Compare the per pupil spending to that of other schools. Inform people that West Prep is a very different entity from the former West Middle School, which is still doing poorly. Inform us about its former principal, who is quickly climbing the ladder. Etc. Do something that is actual, real, honest investigative journalism instead of cheerleading, which is what we get most of the time in local education stories outside the RJ, or vicious, terribly biased attacks, which we get from the RJ. We desperately need real education journalism here. The lack of it is certainly part of the problem.
    justateacherAug 24, 2012 06:37:07 AM
    The "growth model" statistics will be based on the CRT performance. All the interims, AIMS web, etc., will not be used. I agree that a district-wide pre and post test would be a good vehicle for measurement. just as an aside ******Springboard training came through a federal grant
    LovetaAug 20, 2012 09:42:34 AM
    I heard they are not hiring/replacing some librarians in elementary and Middle school. How is that going to affect the school?
    Joy LaneAug 20, 2012 09:17:02 AM
    clarification, it closes at 7 four days out of the week and at 6 PM Friday-Sunday
    Joy LaneAug 20, 2012 09:19:43 AM
    ----- as an ELA (English Language Arts) middle school teacher: last year we started the Common Core State Standards (without adequate materials,, so we teachers scrambled to devise a curriculum) and the requirement to use the Curriculum Engine for our lesson plans (not as onerous, but still a learning process for several months for the change over)........ This year: all that PLUS Springboard, Block scheduling, and a new way of accessing the gradebook. It's hard to keep up.
    LovetaAug 20, 2012 09:16:32 AM
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