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Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith
Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith

AIR DATE: August 23, 2012

Over the weekend, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney allowed some reporters to tag along as he attended services at the Mormon chapel near his summer home in Wolfesboro, N.H. So is the candidate about to become less secretive about his religion? Up until now, the campaign have made it strictly off limits and the candidate has barely mentioned the faith that has shaped so much of his life. What will it mean for the campaign? How should non-Mormons understand what is happening? And is there any danger that more exposure of Romney's Mormon faith could create a backlash from evangelical Protestants.


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    I am certainly not a supporter of Mitt Romney, but his faith is not something that I consider an issue. People forget about other political figureheads that share Romney's Mormon faith, like Harry Reid and John Huntsman. A person's faith or non-faith is not something I hold against them unless they try to force it on me. Romney isn't trying to force his Mormonism on the country, but it irritates me that so many people think that he is. I am Agnostic, but I know Christians who are Republican yet refuse to vote for Romney because they think that he will, "Lead the country down a path of unrighteousness." I think it is totally unfair and wrong that people feel the need to dislike and insult Romney based on his religion. This country places way too much weight on a person's religion. People should focus more on a candidate's stances on the political issues of the day. Faith is personal, and as long as Romney doesn't start trying to convert all the American people to Mormonism, he should be left alone as far as his faith is concerned.
    Miranda CooperAug 21, 2012 09:54:22 AM
    Dint forget Harry Reid is Mormon
    Ryan MoxleyAug 21, 2012 09:37:43 AM
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