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University of Nevada, Las Vegas President Neal Smatresk
University of Nevada, Las Vegas President Neal Smatresk

AIR DATE: August 23, 2012

Soon students and professors will fill the classes at UNLV. We talk with President Neal Smatresk about the upcoming year. We discuss budget challenges, the upcoming State of the University and new stadium. He'll also answer your questions.
Neal Smatresk, Pres, UNLV


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    A stadium at UNLV would be a disaster beyond belief: 1) traffic congestion both at the university and the main airport nexus would be impossible, not to mention parking, 2) UNLV is land-locked and space for substantial new *academic* facilities if already short, 3) UNLV should NOT be in the business of managing, funding, or providing free land for what would essentially be a *private* stadium, for it's doing badly enough just (mis-)managing academics, and 4) letting private business put up *all* of the money and taking all of the risk is totally appropriate, for there's plenty of research showing that there's not a "public" stadium in the country that hasn't cost tax payers dearly. I've thought for years that Neal Smatresk is hands down the worst president UNLV has ever had, but this stadium fiasco really puts the icing on the cake. How about working on making UNLV a proper university respected for *academics*, Neal? Bottom line, a university has no business being in the commercial stadium business; it would just be a distraction from its true mission which, if you didn't know, is *educating*.
    Tim HuntAug 22, 2012 15:50:16 PM
    I am a current student at UNLV and I am shocked by how quickly math 95 and math 96 class fill up. These are remedial math classes. There is something going on with CCSD, many college bound students are behind in math before they even get there. As a mother of a 9 year old, I can see the problems at CCSD. Teachers blame parents, parents blame teachers. If you are a good student you will NOT be challenged. You will have to wait until other students catch up.
    Ligeia WillAug 22, 2012 09:43:20 AM
    Why should the stadium be located at UNLV? Because UNLV is the #1 university in the U.S. for the entertainment and service industry-take the hotel college, for example. The stadium provides a fantastic opportunity to lure students, faculty, and businesses from around the world to locate themselves here. Second, UNLV is the perfect location for the stadium because of its location-central Las Vegas by the airport but not on the Strip where it could make traffic impossible to navigate. Third, UNLV is neutral in the battles between the different casinos as to who should get the stadium-no one loses because UNLV is not in that business.
    Jim in HendersonAug 22, 2012 09:18:59 AM
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