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Burning Man Lawsuit
Burning Man Lawsuit

AIR DATE: August 24, 2012

The Burning Man Festival is about to become a little more expensive and a little less naked. If Pershing County officials are successful, the annual event will have to operate under a festival ordinance, meaning there will be new rules about nudity, security and the presence of children. Burning Man organizers feel this goes contrary to the spirit of the event, and have filed suit. We talk with Pershing County's district attorney.
James Shirley, District Attorney, Pershing County
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    Mr. Shirley neglected to mention the large number of armed BLM rangers on the playa as well as other law enforcement folks who are generally around. The event is on federal land. The number of deputies to patrol Pershing County's 6,500 square miles may be more important to staffing than the number of people inside an 8-mile fence on a dry lake bed. It's fair to reimburse the county for actual expenses. The rest is their job.
    Jeff RoseAug 22, 2012 10:46:18 AM
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