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Obama Pitches College Education in Las Vegas
Obama Pitches College Education in Las Vegas

AIR DATE: August 27, 2012

President Obama has been stumping in Nevada for the last two days. He's made his pitch for more college education and also talked up the need to reform the tax system. We look at what the president said, how the crowd reacted and whether his appearances changed the minds of any Nevada voters.


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    I agree with Mike. A "bad teacher" isn't a teacher who disagrees with administration or lacks resources, deals with large numbers in a classroom and can't reach every student. There are amazing, talented and capable teachers not only in Clark County but all over the U.S. who could be a target for elminiation if their students don't do well on standardized tests. Standardized tests are unfair and discriminatory, because students with diverse backgrounds and skill levels are expected to answer questions written for the white, abled majority. English language learners take tests in English before they have mastered the language.Special education students take the same tests as other children, receiving few of the accommodations usually provided to them as part of their Individualized Education Plans (IEP).Finland topped the PISA rankings from 2001-2008, yet has "no external standardized tests used to rank students or schools," according to Stanford University researchers Linda Darling-Hammond and Laura McCloskey.Success has been achieved using "assessments that encourage students to be active learners who can find, analyze, and use information to solve problems in novel situations."
    HeatherAug 23, 2012 10:26:18 AM
    Enjoyed your program on education. I believe that the Romney Ryan budget is a pogram on education. They want to shrink public education. Every campus in Clark County has a Mormon Church or a Catholic Church a Jewish synagogue or a protestant church right next to it. They all run profitable schools especially for the young and impressionable. Some are also big advocates of home schooling. I see a method in their madness. I am a former teacher.
    Norma PriceAug 23, 2012 09:35:09 AM
    Nobody has suggested that "getting rid of bad teachers" is a bad idea. The problem with using that blanket statement as a policy is that the definition of "bad teacher" needs to be strictly defined and controls put in place to prevent school districts from using the label "bad teacher" to get rid of older, more costly teachers. CCSD's ongoing campaign of lies and propaganda clearly shows that the district is not above using such tactics as a budget tool.
    Mike LandisAug 23, 2012 09:29:08 AM
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