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Should Casinos Allow Tip Sharing?
Should Casinos Allow Tip Sharing?

AIR DATE: August 30, 2012

Assemblyman Joseph Hogan thinks dealers shouldn't have to share their tips. We take a look at the practice of tipping, when tip sharing makes sense and the role tips play in the earnings of Las Vegas hopstiality workers.


Joseph Hogan,  Assemblyman, Las Vegas

Mike McCall, Professor, Ithaca College

Kanie Kastroll, Wynn dealer


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    Kanie could have done a better job representing her position. She came across to me as a petulant child stomping her foot and saying It's not fair and I really really want to keep the money. She almost made the case for Wynn. - They work at the best location on the Strip and do not want to switch jobs - With the tip sharing they still make more than they would elsewhere. - It is Wynn's property and it is a right to work state and they serve at the pleasure of Wynn. With the stakes being as high as they are (no pun intended) she should really have been better prepared.
    Chris BrownAug 30, 2012 14:18:43 PM
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