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State Could Send More Money to Clark County School District
State Could Send More Money to Clark County School District

AIR DATE: August 31, 2012

It's been a long-standing complaint that tax payers in Clark County subsidize school districts in the rest of the state because the lion's share of Nevada's tax revenue is generated in Las Vegas. To remedy that, a state committee of lawmakers will recommend the legislature adopt a new funding formula that could send as much as $69 million more to CCSD. But if more money is sent to Clark County that means less for some rural counties. We'll talk with Eureka County Superintendent, Ben Zunino about what the cuts mean for his district, which could lose as much as 49 percent of state funding.
Ben Zunino, superintendent, Eureka County Schools


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The Clark County School District is one of the most inefficient, wasteful, bureaucratic organizations on the planet. Indeed, even an idiot could cut their budget by 1/3 and still get the job done. They need far less money, not more! Further, my (admittedly somewhat limited) knowledge of the rural schools tells me that they budget their money pretty reasonably relative to CCSD.
Tom HurstAug 30, 2012 16:24:24 PM
Once again, the debate about funding education in Nevada is described incorrectly. STOP asking how much should be cut from this area and sent to that area. START discussing how much is needed to raise ALL SCHOOLS in Nevada so that ALL CHILDREN can achieve! Then, start demanding that foreign mining corporations start paying their fair share so we can have that quality of education for our kids!
Jim in HendersonAug 30, 2012 09:09:07 AM
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