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The Republican National Convention
The Republican National Convention

AIR DATE: September 5, 2012

The Republican National Convention concluded with Mitt Romney's acceptance speech. Did it raise the campaign to the level Republicans want? And what happened with the Nevada delegation? Some party leaders say it was an embarrassment but the Ron Paul delegates seem unashamed. And are the Republicans ready to do battle?
Karoun Demirjian, Washington correspondent, Las Vegas Sun


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    I can not believe Mr Root could get away with all of his wild assertions. I know you culture a non confrontational discussion space, but on occasion the facts of the real world need defense. On comparing tax rates of today to those of the past. "In the past we had a cash society" "no business man I knew paid taxes" as if accountants only came into being in the computer age. Donald Trump is a Democratic supporter? Wha?! All the rich people are voting for Obamma because they don't care about taxes? I can't imagine how he was going to tear apart the poor woman who called in about a child being killed by a stray bullet. Im glad you stopped him. When he starts by saying, "You know it's telling..," it's telling me that he is about to go on the attack. Ian, defend yourself Sir! Don't let a spastic oraface push you around with rants utterly detached from reality.
    MarshalAug 31, 2012 11:21:51 AM
    Tell Mr. Root he needs to watch the movie "Revenge Of The Electric Car"
    Ligeia WillAug 31, 2012 10:26:01 AM
    Tom Collins should have never have gotten off so easily. He needs to set an example and he should be held to a higher standard.
    Ligeia WillAug 31, 2012 10:24:05 AM
    Mr. Root points out that there were several "black and Latino speakers at the convention" but fails to conclude who they were speaking to...the more than predominately white audience. I'm an educated, working, independent black voter and I felt isolated during most of the speechs I saw over the three days during the convention. Mr. Root is also incorrect about the Chevy Volt. GM sales of the volt are up 35% from last month and 700% from last year. Here I te source from CNN Money.
    MichaelAug 31, 2012 10:22:59 AM
    Please watch the movie "Revenge Of The Electric Car" a film by Chris Paine. It is funny and very informative.
    ligeia willAug 31, 2012 10:31:09 AM
    Sarah Palin is a perfect example of how the Republican Party and right wing news agencies (Fox) uses people. I cannot stand her and I'm glad to see her leaving the public eye, however it is crystal clear why she was there. The CEO of Fox said she was there because she was hot and got ratings. She was chosen as VP candidate specifically because she was a woman. Therefore the argument of the Republican Party using token blacks, Hispanics and women stand.
    Ligeia WillAug 31, 2012 10:21:12 AM
    Is no one doing any fact checking on the statements from Wayne Alan Root? Pull the plug....I'm turning off my radio. No one is challenging him on anything! That's not journalism.
    BarbaraAug 31, 2012 10:17:00 AM
    Thank you Barbara!!!!
    ligeia willAug 31, 2012 10:27:34 AM
    Right behind you Barbara, State of Nevada just crossed over into genuine talking head territory. They actually had a guest on the air that insisted taxes were higher now than in the past because although rates were higher, businesses could cook the books more and thus cheat on their taxes. That's not something a credible news organization would just let go.
    EdAug 31, 2012 10:28:54 AM
    This son of a butcher is lying about the percentage of taxes that the wealthy pay.
    Ligeia WillAug 31, 2012 10:13:02 AM
    "Everyone I know drives SUV's, in the future we will rely on natural gas, right now we need oil"....."we are like the wild west gunslingers"...."the stage was filled with black governors, latino governors"...."the party will be filled with minorities with ideas like me"... First off, if everyone you know drives SUV's like yourself then you are all completely out of touch with the environment and where our country needs to be. It needs to take on renewable energy and electric cars the way we took on the space race. To even imply that the future is natural gas shows how out of touch you are with how we get the gas. Fracking is poisoning our water supply amongst other things. Natural gas is NOT the way to go. Just like the word 'natural' on food labels is so deceiving, 'natural' on gas is anything but. As far as minorities in the party in positions of leadership. They are the 'token' ones. A party that wages a war on women, gays and immigrants is obviously using these people to draw more minorities into their fold. The wild west? Yes, this party wants to take women back to those days.
    Ligeia WillAug 31, 2012 10:07:21 AM
    I've seen what goes on in Nevada politics, and I assure you that the Nevada Republican establishment machine is as power-hungry, corrupt and dirty as can be, doing everything in its power to prevent Ron Paul's ideas and supporters from having a place at the party table. So, I'm proud that the Ron Paul delegates put principles before politics at the convention; indeed, that's something we need more of in this country.
    Tom HurstAug 30, 2012 17:07:56 PM
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