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Henderson Libraries in Jeopardy
Henderson Libraries in Jeopardy

AIR DATE: September 5, 2012

This Novermber, Henderson Library leadership is seeking a property tax increase to make up for lost revenue. Executive Director Tom Fay says that if the ballot initiative fails, he will shutter the Malcolm and Galleria Libraries.
Tom Fay, Executive Director, Henderson District Public Libraries
Maureen Sullivan, American Library Association


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    If they'd stick to quality books, instead of providing computer entertainment, and lending audio CDs, DVDs, pictures, trash fiction, etc., they'd have plenty of money. Honestly, in these days where used books, CDs and DVDs are hyper-inexpensive and available nearly everywhere, there's absolutely no need for government libraries. Myself, I love books and music, and would like very much to buy more, but cannot because through the years I've "given" thousands of dollars of property tax to a pathetic library that has little or nothing of interest to me.
    Tom HurstSep 5, 2012 14:10:25 PM
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