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Nevada Supreme Court Allows Property Tax Ballot Question
Nevada Supreme Court Allows Property Tax Ballot Question

AIR DATE: September 11, 2012

The Nevada Supreme Court decided last Thursday that a question on raising property taxes in Clark County can stay on the ballot. The Clark County School District asked for the increase to raise funds to build new schools, but the Nevada Policy Research Institute wanted the question taken off the ballot. We talk about the court's decision.
Joyce Haldeman, Associate Superintendent of Community and Government Relations, CCSD


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The waste and inefficiency at CCSD are beyond horrible; indeed, any non-bureaucrat could easily cut the CCSD budget by 1/3 and still teach kids properly. Just do the math... multiply 30 kids by, say, $10k in taxes spent per kid, and one gets $300,000 per classroom. I assure you, a teacher, a classroom and reasonable overhead don't cost anywhere near that. So, I'm voting a big NO on tax increases in the hope that CCSD will learn to more efficiently spend the vast budget that they already have.
Tom HurstSep 10, 2012 17:50:20 PM
I will not be voting yes on the tax increase. I've seen first hand the waste of dollars that occurs in CCSD. As a first year teacher, my department purchased $27,500 worth of books, that ended up in surplus the next year! See the link to Contact 13 investigative report, "You Paid for It," done in May 2012. This type of waste occurs throughout the District, yet is little known to the public. There's also a "use it or loose it," budget that each department, in every school receives every year. Money is spent on unneeded materials, just to ensure that same amount is received the next year. As a taxpapyer, I will not rescue a school district that already mismanages the dollars I've contributed.
Sylvia DenningSep 10, 2012 09:32:31 AM
I will absolutly support this efford. My children's elementary school started the school year this year with over 1000 students. They have had to add an additional lunch room in a portable for people with "cold" lunch so that the children who eat "hot" lunch can eat inside in the lunchroom. Our school also started the year with airconditioning troubles and were out of air for 2 days. Our school is 5 yrs old. I can only imagine what schools that are older go through. Its sad.
Tamara BeetenSep 10, 2012 09:27:37 AM
As a person with no children yet, I'm in favor of increased taxes for education. Nevada has one of the lowest funded education systems in the nation and our results reflect this lack of investment. Quality education is key to so many aspects of our state's propesperity.
Renee Sep 10, 2012 09:20:19 AM
The Supreme Court decided the CCSD case last Thursday. I tried to call in to tell you. Dan Polsenberg 474-2626
Dan PolsenbergSep 10, 2012 08:52:24 AM
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