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The Moth Comes To Las Vegas
The Moth Comes To Las Vegas

AIR DATE: September 13, 2012

When it was created in 1997, the founder of the storytelling group "The Moth" wanted to recreate nights in Georgia where he and friends would get together and share stories. The group has since spread to cities across the country hosting events where storytellers get on stage and share a wide variety of tales. The group is performing in Las Vegas this week at the Public Radio Program Directors Conference. Storytellers will include an infectious disease expert who flew halfway across the world to care for an international icon on her deathbed and Vietnamese man who will share his family's escape from South Vietnam. We talk with The Moth's artistic director about the art of storytelling.
The Moth can be heard Saturdays at 9 p.m. on KNPR.
Catherine Burns, Artistic Director, The Moth


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