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The World Of The Dominatrix
The World Of The Dominatrix

AIR DATE: September 17, 2012

A former southern California public school teacher shocked many of her former colleagues and students when she published her memoir. In it she described her secret life: She's a dominatrix and has a dungeon in her house. Is this world of sadomasochism becoming more accepted in our culture?
Sarah Jane Woodall, freelance writer, model
Lady Ice Queen, Dominatrix
Mistress Mizery, Dominatrix


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    What exactly is a footjob?
    killoSep 14, 2012 19:05:25 PM
    wow, you could not have picked 3 WORSE people to interview about the pro-domme world in las vegas! they're not at all representative of most of the very FEW pro-dommes here. to say that LV in a kinky disney world couldn't be further from the truth! Interview someone who knows what's going on here like Mistress Rowynn or Goddess Marissa!
    lvkinkyguySep 13, 2012 21:51:28 PM
    ...I liked it.
    CSep 13, 2012 19:16:47 PM
    I found this episode very distasteful. Nobody cares about chains and whips. or wants to listen to ignorant people talk about it. The interview was very boring. Its like ok we get it: there are people who like that sort of thing, but why do we care? It seemed like every answer to every question was "I kick people in the crotch and they pay me". Try harder.
    Blade HalversonSep 13, 2012 14:56:10 PM
    Why aren't you talking about the actual lifestyle? The consensual, safe and sane aspect? The Vegas lifestyle is not like what they are saying.
    Lady RoseSep 13, 2012 10:35:50 AM
    Please ask what they contribute to the local BDSM community? Do they belong to any of the local groups? Do they participate in any of the fundraising that the local support groups host?
    Lady RoseSep 13, 2012 10:44:36 AM
    Uh. Is this necessary?Aren't there enough opportunities to be around vulgar,stupid people in Vegas day to day?Gross.Radio off.Now.
    Elizabeth CookSep 13, 2012 10:13:31 AM
    Why not open your mind instead of having a knee jerk reaction?
    Dale SwansonSep 13, 2012 10:43:26 AM
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