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Studying The Health Of Nevada Filipinos
Studying The Health Of Nevada Filipinos

AIR DATE: September 17, 2012

Nevada has the fastest growing Filipino populations in the country, up by 142-percent in the last 10 years. The leading cause of death among Filipino-Americans is coronary heart disease, which led a UNLV School of Nursing professor to wonder why. We take a look at a new research that uses ballroom dancing to study the affects of physical activity on the hearts of Filipino Americans.
Alona Angosta, Professor, UNLV School of Nursing
Rhigel "Jay" Tan, Professor of nursing, UNLV, and member, Nevada Board of Nursing


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    Glad to hear the cultural desires were discussed; that ballroom dance is part of their lifestyle and night life. What should also be looked at when it comes to the levels of hypertension are the emotional dramas of the culture! After getting to know many Asian families, there is a level of emotional drama/trauma that is ingrained into the culture, and is probably a huge contributor to the heart disease. No matter the culture or race of an individual, cardio exercise is essential, and the fact that the person actually LIKES the style of cardio engaged in is really the only thing that will make any program a success. Ballroom dance,Hip Hop or Zumba, no matter the program, if the participant doesn't like it, it will fail. Ballroom is no magical cure, but as a cultural activity that is enjoyed, it all helps.
    Gayla CoughlinSep 14, 2012 11:35:05 AM
    Good health is very important, especially as you age. This sort of free program would be a win-win situation for all involved-fun and tracked exercize for our benefit.
    Sonny LigutomSep 14, 2012 22:33:07 PM
    Coming from Northern California I remember Filipino Community centers, dance halls and ballroom dancing. They all seem to go hand in hand in every city with a sizable Fil-Am population. Yes this would definitely be a great community health and ethno-cultural study. I would like to assist or be part of it, please let me know how. Anthony Nervez 707-334-7134
    George Anthony NervezSep 14, 2012 09:42:19 AM
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