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Improving STEM Teaching
Improving STEM Teaching

AIR DATE: September 21, 2012

The federal government has been trying to improve achievement standards in education for decades. Yet, this week we learned that even fewer of Clark County's schools have made the required annual progress under No Child Left Behind. In fact, less than a third of Clark County students reached grade level proficiency in math. What can be done to improve science and math teaching? The National Science Foundation has been offering workshops to improve the teaching of math and science and we talk with one of the NSF presenters.
Dr. Janice Earle, National Science Foundation


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I am a retired Electronic Design Engineer. I became interested in science and engineering through "play" and hobbies throughout my youth. This "play" for me involved fascination with flight and building and attempting to build a number of model airplanes - both free flight and glow engine u-control and also ham radio. The key is - you develop interests through play and hobbies and learn by building and developing skill sets such as craftmanship. I believe the best thing parents can do is not have any TV in the house during the formative years of their children. They will then have the blessing of self actualization through reading and day dreaming etc. which will, over time, allow them to successfully cultivate their own interests.
Bob BeutlerSep 19, 2012 11:47:56 AM
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