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How Will Asia's Gambling Industry Affect Las Vegas?
How Will Asia's Gambling Industry Affect Las Vegas?

AIR DATE: September 25, 2012

With Asia's gambling market slated to surpass the U.S. in profits by 2015, we look at the impacts to the local gambling industry in Las Vegas. How will upcoming projects in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, among others, affect numbers of Asian high rollers visiting Las Vegas?
Jonathan Galaviz, Managing Director, Galaviz and Company
Mary Lynn Palenik, PricewaterhouseCoopers


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    Perhaps we should return to the tried and true business model that put "Old Vegas" on the map: cheap or free rooms, food, drinks and shows; then make money on the gambling. Nowadays it costs a small fortune to come to Vegas for the weekend, and still the casinos are making far less profit per square foot (and with far higher overhead) than their vulgar, old fashioned predecessors of 30-40 years ago. Learn from history, guys!
    Tom HurstSep 22, 2012 04:17:08 AM
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