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Debating Energy Policy
Debating Energy Policy

AIR DATE: September 25, 2012

Since the oil embargo of 1973, the US has struggled to implement a sustainable and comprehensive national energy policy. We'll talk with John Banks, a Brookings Institute nonfellow in foreign policy and energy security about what is impacting the energy policy debate.
John Banks, Brookings Institute
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    Unfortunately NV Energy is seen as a fat cat monopoly that has no interest in providing service or customer service here. They are only seen as interested in gauging and providing their investors dividends. They are often called the Enron of NV. Do we honestly believe that the Smart Meters and solar farms will bring down my 12cent a kilowatt hour (4 in CA!)?! Recently NV Energy asked for a rate hike because we were apparently "conserving TOO MUCH". What we need here is an energy co op.
    JackieSep 25, 2012 21:37:15 PM
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