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Is Las Vegas Friendly To Cyclists?
Is Las Vegas Friendly To Cyclists?

AIR DATE: September 28, 2012

Now that an office complex in Las Vegas has installed a bike-share program for its employees, we look at what it would take to encourage all of the city to ride bikes, including trails, safety measures and costs.

Rich Worthington, President and CEO of Molasky Group of Companies

Katherine Gainey, Program Development Manager, San Antonio B-cycle

Jonathan Maus, Editor and Publisher,

Matthew Berkow, Senior Planner, Alta Planning + Design





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    I wish I would have been aware of this broadcast earlier this morning. Las Vegas has many challenges ahead for becoming a bike friendly city, but that does not mean that its impossible. The current infrastructure of las vegas(wide, fast, high traffic roads) impedes the building of bike lanes. However, the roads of downtown has speed limits of 25-30 mph, 1-2 lanes wide, and closely placed lights which not only make the city safe for cyclists but also pedestrians. If we want to make downtown a safe place for cyclists- the first thing we need is MORE cyclists. (Honestly, we need more people and infrastructure that supports living downtown as well). The second thing we need to do is encourage and educate the public about alternative transportation. With more people out there riding, walking, taking the bus- it'll increase safety and awareness. If you are interested in bicycle events, education, or maintenence please visit the Fremont Bicycle Clinic in the Emergency Arts building on 6th and E Fremont. (Sidenote- the first downtown bike share was started in the Faciliteq/ Idea Lab co-share workspace May 2012)
    GreensteinSep 26, 2012 16:18:43 PM
    While I don't object to bike riding per se, and even used one as my main transportation in Las Vegas years ago, I do object to spending tax dollars to encourage people to ride bikes, and I do object to special dedicated lanes (paid for mostly by people that don't ride bikes) that would otherwise carry auto and truck traffic. And then there are those moronic, hyper-patronizing "Share the Road" signs! Let bike riders use the roads along with cars - it works OK in my experience, and it costs nothing. Myself, I find cars faster and more convenient, and when I get where I'm going, I don't smell like I just left the gym.
    Tom HurstSep 26, 2012 14:13:30 PM
    Dear Mr. Hurst, If only you realized the benefits that riding a bike brings to one's health, community, environment, and economy. Bike commute is one of the future; highways and cars are what have destroyed cities in the past. If you were only half aware of the new changes passed by MAP 21 and how much of your tax dollars go to other aspects which will also not affect/help you. Try to think about helping your city out next time and not just yourself..
    Avid BikeriderSep 26, 2012 16:39:41 PM
    Mr Hurst, Bicycling commuters are taxpayers just like you. And their taxes are subsidizing your carbon fueled, nonsustainable lifestyle. Open your mind and your improve your heart, which apparently has been hardened to the real savings in transportation and healthcare costs associated with cycling and bikelanes and commuting. Your ignorance and apparent arrogance has been subsidized far too long.
    rick passoSep 28, 2012 00:58:34 AM
    Using the weather is a very silly excuse not to bike commute. The mercury doesn't break 100 until well into the day during the summer, and the vast majority of people commute in the morning and evening when temperatures are acceptable. I bike about 10 miles to and from work every single day which, nationally, is the average bike commuting distance down Maryland Pkwy which does not have a dedicated bike lane, and have no problems whatsoever.
    TomSep 26, 2012 09:54:20 AM our downtown grassroots group would love to connect
    rick passoSep 26, 2012 09:50:22 AM
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