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Winning The Latino Vote
Winning The Latino Vote

AIR DATE: September 28, 2012

Presidential, senatorial and congressional candidates across the U.S. and Nevada are hitting the airwaves hard with ads targeting Latino voters. Candidates are using Spanish and English language to make a last a grasp at the coveted Latino vote. President Obama holds a strong lead among Latino voters in the presidential race but can the same be said for House and Senate Races? We'll discuss the effectiveness of political ads targeting Latinos and courting the Latino vote in the homestretch of the election.

David Damore, Political Science Professor, UNLV

Andres Ramirez, President, The Ramirez Group

Ruben Navarrette, nationally syndicated columnist

Nelson Santiago, board member, Nevada Hispanics




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    Fascinating program. I agree with Natalie Ortega Nevada Hispanics don't speak for me. I don't agree with Ruben Navarette concerning immigration especially when he speaks of President Obama deporting "our people". First Democrats didn't have a majority in the Senate Al Frankin's seat was held up for 8 months and Ted kennedy could not be present most of the time. he came in specifically when he was dying for the vote on Healthcare. Lieberman was a sometime ally on whom you could not depend. Republicans have made it clear for years there would be NO CIR without securing the border. Your own guest from the NV Hispanics listed it as a criteria. There were record deportations but one thing not mentioned is that those were orders of deportation dating back to the Bush and Clinton years. No action had been taken on them.This was given to L Graham &he failed to work it out with the Senator from NY.I support the President.
    Vicenta MontoyaSep 27, 2012 10:24:23 AM
    Mr. Montoya, As a member of Nevada Hispanics and as a conservative woman why is so difficult to accept that not all of Hispanics are democrats. I am a firm believer that government must have a very small role in my life. Stay away from my hard earned money. I can take care of myself and my family. I don't need anybody else. And please tell all of your friend to get a life and most important to get a Job!
    Cecilia AldanaSep 28, 2012 16:23:18 PM
    Nevada Hispanics does not speak for me! I am revolted that they are lumping hispanics in to a borg like mentality. Hispanics are just as diverse as any group. We are not ALL chuch going, convervative, white washed bigots! Don't let the Republican party fool you. They don't care about hispanics. They hate anyone who isn't white. A republican that tells you different is a LIAR. I look white so I hear what white reblicans say when they think minorities arn't around. They have no idea I'm mexican!! haha they are rascists.
    Natalie OrtegaSep 27, 2012 10:11:57 AM
    I would agree that Pres. Obamas' deportation policy has been a disaster. As as moderate Democrat, I find that policy to be an obmination. However, if the Hispanics feel that they can find a home in the self deportation right wing of the Gov. Romney, they are &*()_ crazy. They also need to look at the Republicans who prevented any liberalization of immegration reform. A Republican senator who stated within 6 months of the election that it was their goal to prevent the election of Pres. Obama. There was also a group of Republican senators who met on election day to prevent the goals of Pres. Obamas' to be met.
    Will SchroederSep 27, 2012 09:42:56 AM
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