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Teaching To Top Students
Teaching To Top Students

AIR DATE: October 1, 2012

Nevada has spent most of its efforts on improving education at bringing up those in the middle and below. But there are also students who are pushing the limits at the top. Those who are more than prepared for college before they arrive. A new book by Chester Finn and Jessica Hockett looks at the way America educates its best high schoolers. What can Nevada learn from the experience of other states that try to offer their best and the brightest a better school experience?
Chester Finn, co-author of "Exam Schools: Inside America's Most Selective Public High Schools"

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I think it was irresponsible of Mr. Chester Finn to say parents are apathetic, and do not care about their children because they are not pushy parents. Parents send their children to school to learn, and the school staff is suppose to teach them.Parents are working hard to put food on the table, pay rent or a mortgage, and survive this terrible economy. Just because some parents are not riding their children with outrageous and possibly unrealistic expectations doesn't mean they do not care about them.
RaymondOct 1, 2012 11:07:17 AM
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