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Obama Meets Romney In First Debate
Obama Meets Romney In First Debate

AIR DATE: October 4, 2012

President Obama and Mitt Romney face off in the first of three presidential debates tonight. The candidates will tackle domestic issues like the economy, Medicare and the federal budget. The president has been in Las Vegas this week preparing for the debate which takes place in Denver. Meanwhile, Ann Romney and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio visited Las Vegas on Tuesday to stump for Mitt Romney. We'll preview the presidential debate and look at the other important political stories leading to the election.
Steve Sebelius, columnist, Las Vegas Review Journal
Adam Burke, news director, Nevada Public Radio


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    This will be a faux debate because - big picture - both candidates above all else stand for the same basic thing: Big Government (out-of-control spending and never-balanced budgets, high taxes, the welfare state, the warfare state, and Big Brother's ever growing American police state). Now, an interesting, true debate would occur if Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (polling at 5% or so nationally) were to be included; fat chance of that happening, though, as the Commission on Presidential Debates is literally and officially an arm of the Republican and Democrat Parties.
    Tom HurstOct 2, 2012 12:23:38 PM
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