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Freakling Brothers
Freakling Brothers

AIR DATE: October 10, 2012

Why do we enjoy fear? (Some of us anyway.) This strange need we have to feel terror, whether by watching a horror flick or going to a haunted house, is the reason that Halloween a seven billion dollar a year holiday. We're talking with the Freakling Bros. about their highly successful Trilogy of Terror haunted houses.
J T Mollner, co-founder
Duke Mollner, co-founder


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    These guys have by far the most creative, intense, and theatrical haunts that I have ever seen. While many other houses spend millions on elaborate sets with near infinite gore, Freakling Bros. realizes that the core of scaring people lies with the actors. They work around that, using different ways to enhance the way the ACTORS scare you. They have characters that fly, walls that fall, everything is in perfect chaos. Freakling Bros. is truly like none other.
    Kevin BrekkeOct 9, 2012 18:38:20 PM
    ive never been more scared in my whole life. gates of hell was the worst and best experience ive ever had. loved the clown outside the horror circus. never a better time. im glad there are ppl who still know how to do scary right.
    Katie FletcherOct 9, 2012 10:26:16 AM
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