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DA Seeks Indictment Against Metro Officer Who Killed Veteran
DA Seeks Indictment Against Metro Officer Who Killed Veteran

AIR DATE: October 11, 2012

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson will seek a criminal indictment against the Metro officer who shot and killed a disabled veteran in December 2011. Stanley Gibson was reportedly disoriented and off his anti-anxiety medication when police officer Jesus Arevalo shot Gibson seven times with a semi-automatic rifle. The indictment could be the first such action against a police officer in Las Vegas in at least 20 years. We'll talk with with Las Vegas Review-Journal Reporter Lawrence Mower about what an indictment could mean for Metro.

Lawrence Mower, reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal
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    Las Vegas Valley police have been involved in 378 shootings since 1990, 142 of them fatal. Metro alone was responsible for 310 shootings and 115 deaths; that's nearly 18 shootings per year in the Las Vegas Valley alone, 21 years running. Of course, this is only the misuse of force where deadly fire is concerned; general police misconduct, corruption and excessive use of other force notwithstanding. See more on deadly force here: Moreover, in accordance with the 9th Circuit Court's history of upholding "qualified immunity" in every single case that's historically come before the court, the victim has no possible avenue for recompense. No venue exists to retrieve costs associated with the loss of life or livelihood; not even reimbursement for attorney's fees, court costs, hospital or funeral bills which can and do cost the victim and their families hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's virtually impossible to bring a claim against Metro because of qualified immunity. The citizens of the Las Vegas Valley live in daily fear of this 'biggest gang in brown'. Things MUST change!
    Theresa PriceOct 10, 2012 20:21:51 PM
    Its been said. Get rid of the rogue cops. But as long as this town does nothing. More and more citizens will be murdered and we the citizens will continue to pay.
    TonyOct 10, 2012 09:35:20 AM
    Exactly what Tony said!
    Theresa PriceOct 10, 2012 20:15:28 PM
    Since the indictment of an officer seems to be unprecedented in officer involved killing in Nevada, I'm wondering what makes this killing/officer different? I noticed the name off the officer involved in this killing is Hispanic. I'm curious as to the race/ethnicity of the other officers who have never been indicted after killing a citizen? Has anyone done the research to see what the race/ethnic background of the officers was/is?
    AngieOct 10, 2012 09:34:55 AM
    Angie, I like your comment.
    TonyOct 10, 2012 09:38:32 AM
    Coming from Chicago and knowing the Chicago Police, there are not near the killings of citizens by police as there are here in Las Vegas. In my opinion, the police here need to have some 'real life experiences', not just be stellar 'high student', prior to being given the 'capacity', definitely not the right,, to use deadly force.
    Lee Oct 10, 2012 09:34:28 AM
    Finially acountability and ethics!
    TracyOct 9, 2012 16:34:37 PM
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