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Chris Edwards Challenges Dina Titus
Chris Edwards Challenges Dina Titus

AIR DATE: October 12, 2012

Former Congresswoman Dina Titus is running against relative unknown challenger Chris Edwards in the race for Congressional District 1. We'll talk with Chris Edwards about why he's running, how he'll fix the economy if elected, and the uphill battle he faces.
Retired Navy Cmdr. Chris Edwards, Candidate for Congressional District 1


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    Chris Edwards has vowed he will co-sponsor HR 25 the Fair Tax Act which will cause the economy to go up over 7% and unemployment will fall below 4%. Jobs will be created causing home prices to go up. A prebate of $100/month and no more Income Tax.
    Randy RoseOct 28, 2012 15:10:32 PM
    With respect to the lack of experience you demonstrate in dealing with pipelines or water supplies,Ms. Olmsted,to someone who does this on a daily basis, your comment sounds extremely foolish. No one would place a pipeline beneath an open body of water without an extremely valid reason for doing so. The "lady in Texas" would only have that problem if she gave express permission to the pipeline company to do so, which they would only do if surrounding conditions were far more unsuitable than her small lake. Pipeline, or other utility right-of-ways are purchased and negotiated very regularly. Any private property would only be crossed after the owner is compensated.
    Marcus BistlineOct 17, 2012 14:13:01 PM
    Please make a difference and vote for Chris Edwards we need something different in our lives for congressional district one
    JamesOct 12, 2012 12:29:32 PM
    This guy doesn't get the nuance of any situation. As I heard on NPR, the reason why the pipeline is delayed from Canada is that people complained that the path cut under water supplies. A lady in Texas, a Republican, said it cut under a small lake on her property, the only water supply for her cattle ranch. Same for some ranchers in Montana. This shouldn't be a partisan thing - it needs to be done the right way.
    Susan OlmstedOct 11, 2012 13:57:23 PM
    The Government ALWAYS buys GM cars. It is codified into Federal law that the fed gov buys American cars. Duh, candidate.
    TomOct 11, 2012 09:28:33 AM
    Just had to say, this guy seems well studied on the non-answer. "Would you have voted for the Ryan budget?" is a YES or NO question. So which is it? Yes or No? Don't let this guy off the hook on direct questions Dave.
    Mike LandisOct 11, 2012 09:22:26 AM
    would you want a debate between Dina Titus and Chris Edwards ?
    JimOct 14, 2012 23:06:24 PM
    Mr. Edwards, We who oppose you are not stupid slackers, and we resent your condescending way of phrasing your statements to imply that we are too dumb to figure out that you are right (which, respectfully, we do not believe).
    Jim BooneOct 11, 2012 09:22:07 AM
    Please stop the soft ball questions: 1. Keystone was not approved because of land issues what would he do for the land owners that are affected by Keystone 2. housing situation was due to lack of regulations of the banking industry what would he do to resolve that. (HOUSING IS ON THE UPSWING) 3. HOW WILL HE SAVE "BILLIONS" OF DOLLARS
    johnOct 11, 2012 09:21:01 AM
    It's called progress Mr. Edwards. Coal and oil are dirty, increasingly expensive and yes, dangerous. We've already seen an oil company devastate the environment in the Gulf of Mexico. The last thing we need is a pipeline leak in Nebraska, where a huge amount of our domestic agriculture economy is based. As for green energy "not being mature," how is it supposed to develop when the Republican hydrocarbon agenda has villified the green energy industry?
    Mike LandisOct 11, 2012 09:18:41 AM
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