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Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz On The State Of The Union
Frank Rich and Fran Lebowitz On The State Of The Union

AIR DATE: October 17, 2012

With the election just a few weeks away, the state of American politics remains divisive. Both presidential candidates have very different plans for how to restore the economy. In early 2013, whether it's President Obama or Mitt Romney, the commander-in-chief will deliver a state of the union address. But what is the state of the union now? Writers Fran Lebowitz and Frank Rich will share the stage at The Smith Center this week to discuss the current state of politics at an event called "A State of the Union Conversation: An Evening with Frank Rich & Fran Lebowitz." We'll talk with Lebowitz and Rich about the election, the economy and the state of the union.
Fran Lebowitz, author and social commentator
Frank Rich, writer-at-Large, New York Magazine


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