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Who Won The Debate?
Who Won The Debate?

AIR DATE: October 18, 2012

The townhall-style debate on Tuesday evening was supposed to be the big comeback opportunity for the president. Polls have been running against him since his tepid debate performance two weeks ago. A number of new polls show Democrats who were once thought to be in a strong position faltering. So where do things stand for the election? Has the debate changed things again?


Jon Ralston,

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    President Obama won the debate. Here's why: Romney lost regarding the Libya controversy. Romney flip-flopped on contraception issue. Romney lost economic/tax plan issue because he still didn't give specifics. Romney lost on gun issue (what does getting married before having kids have to do with gun control?). Romney's statements would have you believe he had a great record as Gov. of MA (he outsourced jobs to India, left with billion dollar deficit and under-performing schools); fail. Romney is still singing about his business record (youtube video where he talks about the factory Bain bought in China with women working slave wages is NOT impressive. Why does he refuse to acknowledge/address Bain currently outsourcing Sensata jobs to China?); fail. Romney may have hired women in MA (still fact-checking that one), but only 8% of his employees at Bain were women in upper-management positions; fail. Romney had the opportunity tonight to clearly state that he supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which he didn't do; fail. Romney said gov't doesn't create jobs, yet claims he will create 12M jobs; fail.
    AnnetteOct 16, 2012 23:13:12 PM
    lets find out who won
    JamesOct 16, 2012 21:48:21 PM
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