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Tarkanian Accuses Reid of Misleading Statements On FDIC Judgement
Tarkanian Accuses Reid of Misleading Statements On FDIC Judgement

AIR DATE: October 19, 2012

Faced with a request to give advice to GOP Congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian and his family as to how to avoid bankruptcy, Sen. Harry Reid says that he did what he would do for any constituent; he set up the appropriate meetings with the appropriate federal agencies.

The Tarkanian family is appealing a $17 million court judgment from a real estate deal gone bad in Southern California.

Reid says it would be "embarassing" to elect a congressman in Nevada  who is facing financial ruin.

“I can’t make a $17 million dollar guarantee go away,” says Reid. “If the Tarkanians are in trouble, they’re going to have to pay this money back.”

Reid says the FDIC is standing by its judgement against the Tarkanians, but Danny Tarkanian says Reid isn’t telling the truth.

“The FDIC is still negotiating a settlement with us right now, so what is he talking about? Does anybody honestly think that Harry Reid, three weeks out from the campaign, all of the sudden decides to weigh in on this judgment deal when he’s been involved for two years?”

Tarkanian claims that he is a victim of fraud on the part of the bank and a development group. He says that if the court finds that his family is liable for the debt, they will pay the $17 million.



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    Tarkanian is a business man you can't be rough in business mentality . We can't have mean spirited politians and Tarkanian is not one of them
    JimOct 19, 2012 11:13:41 AM
    Dean Heller & Danny Tarkanian and all these Tea Party types are alike. Sharron Angle came from that same school too. Ignore the issues, duck & cover, retreat, ignore voters & others who want to discuss the issues. They can run but they can't hide. I live in CD-04 and I will be supporting Sen. Horsford because unlike Tarkanian, he supports the DREAM Act, CIR--the bigger picture. Unlike Tarkanian, he doesn't race bait to buy votes.
    ErikOct 18, 2012 15:03:55 PM
    Mr. Tarkanian has been endorsed by the Minute Men of Arizona, he has stated that if an undocumented person is admitted to a hospital they should be deported. Mr. Tarkanian may have had very nice talking points written for him but we know how he really feels! Mr. Tarkanian is not fit to be in Congress! He evaded the group of students outside asking him to answer simple questions by pretending to be on the phone, imagine how fast he will cave to ACTUAL leaders!
    Astrid Oct 18, 2012 14:53:56 PM
    Tarkanian out maneuver them.
    JamesOct 18, 2012 12:45:20 PM
    Well, this helped me make up my mind. I won't be voting for Mr Tarkanian.
    Gary AllenOct 18, 2012 10:08:08 AM
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