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Twenty Years Of NAFTA
Twenty Years Of NAFTA

AIR DATE: October 22, 2012

The idea for NAFTA was to open trade and remove costly tariffs between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Twenty years later there are people who believe the North American Free Trade Agreement was a good idea and has helped boost the economies of the three nations. But, there are still critics who say this plan has cost American jobs and hurt the environment.



Peter O'Dowd, News Director KJZZ

Alisa Barba, Senior Editor KJZZ


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    History shows that truly *free* trade is what benefits all involved, not politicized *managed* trade like NAFTA (which distorts markets and makes them inefficient in countless ways). Indeed, a proper free trade agreement would have but one line (rather than thousands of pages): "There will be absolutely no restrictions on trade whatsoever; send us whatever you want on whatever terms you want, and we will do the same to you." Jobs and such will sort themselves out without the interference of bureaucrats, and the most efficient enterprises will prevail.
    Tom HurstOct 18, 2012 15:13:47 PM
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