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Candidate Dina Titus Maps Plan For District One
Candidate Dina Titus Maps Plan For District One

AIR DATE: October 24, 2012

All signs point to an easy win for Democrat Dina Titus in the race for Nevada's first congressional district. If Titus wins, it will be the second time she has been elected to Congress by Nevada voters. We'll talk to Titus about healthcare, immigration, the federal deficit and the issues she plans to tackle if voters send her back to Washington.
Dina Titus, candidate for Congressional District 1
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    Follow the plan of Bob Coffin he knows this district he has been here for a long time
    JamesOct 24, 2012 15:42:12 PM
    This is an emial that I got from Ms. Titus on 10/24/2008 This sounds interesting. Lets get together after the election. I need to learn more. Thanks, DT. It was in response to an email from me that included, among other statements: My ideas could be coupled with this program to start putting people who have lost their homes back into homes in a matter of days. Banks would loose less than they expected. People who have their homes could stay in homes, but smaller homes, not homes for which they over paid. (Pain is shared and no one benefits unfairly) I would like to speak with you or a senior staff member, and present them with my document. My understanding is that there are certain restrictions vis-a-vis non disclosures, so I will not ask that of you or one of your staffers. Your associate Robert Aalberts at UNLV was the one who suggested that I get a business patent. I would of course like to benefit from my idea. You may wish to call him. He was one of the first to sign my inventors notebook.
    Douglas NusbaumOct 23, 2012 09:38:21 AM
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