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Number of Uninsured Children On The Rise
Number of Uninsured Children On The Rise

AIR DATE: November 2, 2012

Why is the number of uninsured kids in Nevada growing? In most other states, the number is going down. How does a lack of insurance, especially among kids, affect us as a community?
Dr. Noah Kohn, founder and director of Clinics in Schools
Joan Alker, co-executive director at Georgetown Center for Children and Families


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    I then wife and I had two daughters in the school system. For 5-6 years we were both substitute teachers so the only insurance we could afford was school insurance 9 months out of the year. Thank goodness my daughters were very healthy and only had to see a doctor a few times. I feel very lucky my daughters survived these years until I found a permanent job years later with health insurance.
    DanOct 31, 2012 20:58:48 PM
    Yes we need to fix the uninsured problem . Where do we first go?
    JamesOct 31, 2012 15:01:17 PM
    I worry that kids in the state are having trouble because of decreased state finances in health care - specifically chip are going to get insurance. I also worry that we will lose care for kids if Gov. Romney gets elected. He is against obamacare yet touts his record in Massachusetts - on which obamacare was modeled. I am also worried about the parents of my patients. They can't care for their kids if they are sick or dead. In the last couple years I have lost several parents to cancer when they couldn't get care for themselves in this state
    Jonathan bernstein mdOct 31, 2012 09:52:38 AM
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