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Union, District At Odds On Race To The Top
Union, District At Odds On Race To The Top

AIR DATE: November 6, 2012

The Clark County Education Association this week said they would not sign off on changes proposed by the school district in order to qualify for the latest round of the federal Race to the Top Grant. Union officials said in a statement that they were left out of the process of putting the application together and there is too much focus on investment outside of the classroom. The district says they gave every opportunity to the union to participate. The dispute between both sides even caught the attention of Gov. Brian Sandoval who traveled to Las Vegas to broker a deal between the both sides. We'll talk with Las Vegas Sun Reporter, Paul Takahashi about Race to The Top and whether or not the parties can come together in time for the Friday 1:30PM deadline.
Paul Takahashi, reporter, Las Vegas Sun


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    wow so this is how it is
    JamesNov 2, 2012 11:58:25 AM
    Please don't put out false information. The School District DOES NOT need the union's approval to submit this application. The union's support is not a requirement to apply for this grant. CCSD wants to take the $40 million to enact "reforms" that mostly go to administration and consultants. $40,000,000 could hire more than 1,000 teachers. Instead the district's plan only includes 20 teacher positions, or about 1/40th of the total dollar amount of the grant. Where's the other $39,000,000 going? I'd say no if I were the union too.
    Mike LandisNov 2, 2012 09:12:25 AM
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