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What's On Your Mind?
What's On Your Mind?

AIR DATE: November 6, 2012

We've seen tens of thousands of ads and possibly heard millions of words about the 2012 election. But many policies remain undiscussed. Neither candidate, for example, has talked about climate change policy. We have to just assume that their picks for the Supreme Court would be just like the people up there now. And most fact-checking agencies have found big holes in plans for deficit reduction. What do you think has been missing from this campaign? What were the issues you wanted to hear more about from the candidates?
Bryan Wachter, VP for Government Affairs, Retail Association of NV
Maggie McLetchie, Attorney


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Please discuss the status of Yucca Mountain.
Jack Pickett Nov 5, 2012 10:14:28 AM
I don't think the candidates have talked enough about the future of NASA. I think it is an important topic that has not been discussed. (Outside of the moon base comment from Newt Gingrich)
Hank HillNov 5, 2012 10:13:17 AM
Bryan sounds like he went to "Romney" school
BarbaraNov 5, 2012 09:54:48 AM
I would like to see the candidates address the issue of wrongful convictions, which are occurring in America at an alarming rate. What will each of the candidates do to ensure that innocent people do not go to prison for crimes they did not commit? Nevada does not currently allow pardons by the governor in cases of actual innocence. Nevada also requires court approval for inmates to be allowed to have access to the forensic evidence in their case and to pay for DNA testing. If the court does not allow the access and the testing, this is currently not appealable under Nevada law. How many innocent people does Nevada have in prison? There's no way we could know. What will our new legislators do to support the Innocence Project and other nationally recognized exoneration efforts in changing these laws in our state?
JessieNov 5, 2012 09:52:58 AM
2 things I would like to hear more about is the environment and the war. The politicians keep talking about leaving our children debt but I find it more concerning we are leaving them dirty/destroyed air, water and land. I think they rather be healthy than saddled with asthma and cancer and who knows what. Secondly, they all want to cut deficit but how are we paying for this war and for how long. Can we afford to do this indefinately?
CeeNov 4, 2012 22:44:15 PM
They have failed to talk about decriminalizing the use of marihuana. It is like the most powerful and financially rich has become the most far right winged and most ignorant conservatives. We keep building more prisons to the point the states and federal government has turning the operation of the prisons over to profit making corporations. If you don't believe this is true, just Google "PRISON CORPORATIONS".
n2swiftNov 2, 2012 13:14:41 PM
I think both parties abandoned the middle class
JamesNov 2, 2012 12:05:52 PM
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