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Libertarians In Nevada
Libertarians In Nevada

AIR DATE: November 9, 2012

Nevada has a long Libertarian tradition. So what chance does Libertarian presidential candidate have in the upcoming election? Can he get more than 1 percent of the popular vote? And if he does, how will that affect the outcome of the presidential election? What exactly do the Libertarians offer that Democrats and Republicans don't?
Ron Nielson, senior campaign advisor for Gary Johnson


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    Libertarians bring something to the table that the R's and D's have largely abandoned: the hope of peace, prosperity and liberty. Mark my words, *whichever* candidate wins the presidency (and whichever parties control the House and Senate), the warfare state, the welfare state and the police state will all continue to expand far beyond what we can afford and what the Founders would have tolerated.
    Tom HurstNov 5, 2012 14:19:16 PM
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