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Was Super PAC Spending Wasted?
Was Super PAC Spending Wasted?

AIR DATE: November 13, 2012

Money can't buy ... elections? Record spending in 2012 was supposed to change the game. But instead we ended up with the same president and the same balance of power in Congress. Was all that Super-PAC and dark money wasted? And will billionaires think twice before spending millions on political campaigns?
David Damore, UNLV political scientist
Bruce Cain, Stanford University political scientist


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    A cat ran for Senate in VA. All of the money raised from lawn signs and tee shirts went to animal welfare groups. He spent no money on commercials and ran a positive clean campaign focused on jobs. Laugh if you want but the cat got over 6000 votes and on election night the major 2 candidates were 1000 votes apart. Rove vs cat. I'll take the cat!
    JackieNov 9, 2012 15:16:38 PM
    As someone who works in the non-profit arena, it is heartbreaking to me that someone from our own community spent $70 million to accomplish nothing. When I think about what even 1/10th of that would do for the non-profits in our community to support people in need-I wish some of these folks would decide to do more in the philanthropic giving arena to advocate for important system changes that would actually make a difference for people.
    Daniele DreitzerNov 8, 2012 10:05:44 AM
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